Clinic Visits

If your child is coming to a Children’s Hospital clinic appointment, there are some things you should know to make the experience as positive and pleasant as possible for you and your child.

Length of Your Child’s Visit

Please allow ample time for your child’s appointment—typically, one to two hours. Your physician will spend as much time as needed to ensure that your child receives the appropriate level of care.

Checklist for Your Child’s Visit

The following list will help you remember items and information to bring with you to your child’s clinic visit.

  • Doctor or specialist’s name
  • Location of appointment and telephone contact number
  • Name and telephone number of referring physician, if applicable
  • Referrals and authorizations from your child’s primary care doctor’s office
  • Insurance card(s)
  • Your child’s social security number (for insurance)
  • Co-payment for your insurance, if applicable
  • A list of all medications your child is currently taking (including supplements and over-the-counter medications)
  • Any forms you were asked to bring with you
  • A list of questions you may have for your child’s doctor
  • Books, games, snacks, diapers, change of clothes, as appropriate