Donating to Children’s Hospital

Thank you for considering our patients in your efforts. There are two ways to donate to Children’s Hospital:

Monetary Donations

Your financial donation is used to support all of Children’s Hospital’s most needed programs and projects that are transforming the health of our community.

You, our donor, is vital in allowing us to continue to change the lives of friends, family and neighbors right here in the in the Upstate. Make a donation today.

Donating Toys, Games and/or Craft Supplies

A toy isn’t just a toy at Children’s Hospital. Toys here are teaching tools, comfort items, and even therapy equipment. However, all in-kind (not money) donations are screened and received by Child Life Services to make sure they are safe and appropriate for our patients.*

Help us by donating today and make the lives of children and families here at Children’s Hospital a little more joyful!

*Click here for a list of Children’s Hospital donation guidelines to consider before you donate.