Pediatric Surgery

When your child needs surgery, you want a skilled surgeon attending to the needs of your child and your family. Internationally-recognized pediatric surgeons on the staff of Children’s Hospital provide experience and expertise in a wide variety of pediatric surgical situations, from outpatient visits to complex and emergency procedures. Using the latest technology such as laparoscopic surgery, these highly skilled professionals perform intricate operations through the tiniest incisions.

Children’s Hospital delivers comprehensive care to the youngest patients, even before they are born. Pediatric surgeons consult with the many pediatric sub-specialists on staff including cardiologists, emergency medicine specialists, gastroenterologists, hematologists, oncologists, neonatologists, nephrologists, and neurosurgeons. Working with specialists in maternal-fetal medicine, these pediatric surgeons perform timely operations to help newborns with congenital abnormalities.

With the special needs of children foremost in mind, Children’s Hospital Child Life specialists, teach children about their upcoming surgery through interactive play. As a result, children are fully informed about the medical procedures that they will soon undergo. Child Life specialists gear interactions to each child’s ability, age, and level of concerns.

The Children’s Hospital pediatric surgery team has developed 28 original surgical techniques and patented more than a handful of medical devices. They continue to direct their focus on improving survival rates and quality of life for sick and injured children here in the Upstate, and around the world.

New Patients

New patient appointments for Pediatric Surgery are made by physician referral only.

Physicians may call 864-797-7400 to coordinate a referral.