Patient Resources

Sweet Dreamers

Sweet Dreamers was developed to provide support for parents and caregivers of children recently diagnosed with a sleep disorder and especially for those to whom CPAP or BiPap therapy has been prescribed.

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Family Connection South Carolina

Family Connection of South Carolina is a statewide non-profit organization whose mission is to support parents of children with disabilities and special healthcare needs.

Family Connection offers support groups, called Parent Connections, one on one support from a trained parent, family fun events, and much more.

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Sleep for Kids

Sleep for Kids is a service of the National Sleep Foundation. It teaches children the importance of sleep through a fun, interactive platform. Kids can learn about what happens while we sleep, play fun games, and keep track of their own sleep.

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Pediatric Sleep Council

The Pediatric Sleep Council was created to provide accurate and up-to-date information on sleep for young children and their parents. They have expertise in all aspects of sleep and development in young children.

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American Academy of Sleep Medicine

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) is the only professional society dedicated exclusively to the medical subspecialty of sleep medicine. They set the standards and promote excellence in sleep medicine healthcare, education, and research.

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Autism Treatment Network-Sleep Tool Kits

Many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder have difficulties with sleep. These informational booklets provide parents with strategies to improve sleep in their child affected by autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

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Shaq Attacks Sleep Apnea

Safe Sleep

Unintentional suffocation is the leading cause of injury-related death among children under one year of age. By following a few simplesteps, you can create a safer sleeping environment for your baby.

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