Sleep Lab

Information about the Study:

A specially trained sleep technician will explain the study and prepare your child. This study is also known as a polysomnography study. During the hook up for the study, small round discs called electrodes will be attached to your child’s head, legs, chest, and stomach. The discs will record brain activity, eye movements, heart rhythm and rate, leg and chest movements. Elastic belts will be comfortably placed around the child’s chest and stomach to record breathing. Our technicians support your child in being as relaxed and calm as possible. However, some children tell us they are bothered by being hooked up to monitor. Once asleep, most parents tell us children sleep well.

Children are most often hooked up to the monitors and electrodes while still awake. This takes about one hour. Although your child may not like being hooked up, there are no needles or anything which should hurt them.

Our technicians specialize in pediatrics and will do their best to make sure your child is as comfortable as possible. Once your child is hooked up there will be plenty of time for relaxing nighttime routines.

“Lights Out” means the study will begin and it is time for the child to go to sleep. Recording equipment and video monitors record your child’s movement and activities while sleeping. The technician will be in a room next door observing the recording. The technician is available if questions or problems arise in the night. The study usually ends between 6:30-7 a.m.

How May We Help You?

Pediatric Sleep Lab at Verdae
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Daytime Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
Night time Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8 p.m.-6:30 a.m.

Pediatric Sleep Lab at Children’s Hospital
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(864) 454-5660, Option 5
(864) 241-9233 Fax
(864) 286-7533 (Night time phone ONLY)
Daytime Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
Night time Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8 p.m.-6:30 a.m.

Preparing your child for the study

Some kids say Sleep Studies can be scary, others say they aren’t bothered by them at all. It varies between children. Here are some ways to help your child feel safe and relaxed:

  • Talk about the study ahead of time.
  • Talk about the study as a “sleep over” with a parent there the whole time.
  • Bring favorite books or a DVD to watch during hook up.

What to bring for the study:

  • Two-piece pajamas
  • Personal items (i.e., toothbrush, diapers, wipes, formula)
  • Pillow, favorite blanket or any other nighttime comfort items that will help your child sleep better
  • Any medications your child takes
  • Food items from home (if desired)- no meals are provided
  • If your child is coming for a CPAP titration study, bring your CPAP mask and tubing. Do not bring your machine.

The day of the study your child should

  • NOT eat or drink anything with caffeine (cola drinks, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, chocolate, etc) after 4 p.m. Caffeine can have an affect on your child’s ability to fall asleep.
  • NOT use lotion, hair spray, or gel (this interferes with the sensors). Hair should be clean and dry.
  • NOT take a nap (unless it is a part of their daily routine)

Study Results

Study results will be sent to the doctor who ordered the study and may take up to 2 weeks. Please contact their office for results and recommendations.