Pediatric Cardiology

Caring for the smallest hearts

From the womb into adulthood, Pediatric Cardiology is trained to treat all conditions of the heart. From chest pain, syncope, palpitations, and murmurs to complex conditions, such as congenital and acquired heart diseases, our team is ready to serve children through young adulthood in our communities.

Young adults with congenital heart disease receive the most comprehensive care available through a program backed by the expertise and resources of the Prisma Health Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program, one of the first transitional care programs in the region. And we are linked across the state and nation to meet rarer services not provided locally.

We have a nationally accredited lab registered to perform echocardiography (ECHO) on pediatric and adult CHD patients. With our state of the art capabilities, Pediatric Cardiology provides the best heart care possible for the fetus, infant and young adults. Our expertise includes diagnosing heart defects in utero and creating care plans for the delivery and first critical months of life before the babies are even born.

We provide other imaging modalities such as cardiac MRI, in-house and ambulatory rhythm monitoring, and cardiopulmonary stress lab testing.

We work closely with Prisma Health Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists to provide state-of-the-art fetal cardiac imaging, holistic counseling to parents and care planning for the fetus with CHD to maximize quality and safety for the child and education and support for the family. We are a critical part of the Prisma Health Fetal Care Team.