YMCA Partnership

New Impact has developed a strong partnership with in the Upstate SC YMCAs, who have committed to offer New Impact families a reduced-rate limited time membership at $30 per month for the family.

Our partnership spans 8 counties and 14 YMCA locations. We aim to help families set individualized goals based on their current situation. Joining the YMCA is not mandatory for our program unless you are enrolling as a presurgical candidate.

Membership highlights:

  • The YMCA family membership is offered for either 2 or 3 months duration, depending on your preferred YMCA location.
  • This family membership is for immediate household members only. The YMCA defines a family as 2 adults living in the same household and their dependents under age 25 living in the same household or 1 single adult and any dependents under age 25 living in the same household.
  • At your initial New Impact visit you will receive contact information for the wellness coach and a YMCA voucher for the reduced rate, along with necessary paperwork to activate your membership.
  • Some YMCA locations offer 4-5 Wellness Coach sessions for the New Impact patient. These visits are not personal training sessions, but rather education and goal setting visits. Please schedule these visits during your 2-3 month trial membership.
  • Other locations are only able to offer the family membership at this time.
  • All locations offer only the family membership if the patient is under the age of 6 (no wellness coach visits).
  • If you desire to continue your membership after the 2-3 month membership trial, please discuss financial options for continuing membership with YMCA staff. Some YMCAs have scholarship assistance. The required paperwork will be available through the YMCA.
  • Participating YMCA locations:
    • Greenville County – Caine Halter, Eastside, George I Theisen, GHS Family
    • Spartanburg County – Thomas E Hannah, Middle Tyger
    • Anderson Area YMCA
    • Cherokee County Family YMCA
    • Pickens County – Pickens, Easley, Powdersville
    • Laurens Family YMCA
    • Clinton Family YMCA
    • Greenwood Family YMCA
  • New Impact staff maintains communication with the YMCA wellness coaches; however, special requests should be directed to the YMCA staff.

Our Exercise Philosophy

We believe in “getting moving” and the development of lifelong habits. Active play and family activity should be encouraged on a daily basis.