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KIDNETICS not only strives for excellence in providing quality and compassionate services to our families, but we also excel at providing a unique learning experience for students who desire a more in-depth knowledge of pediatric therapies. Our multi-disciplinary program exposes students to a strong, integrated team approach to working with children in a family-centered, child-friendly, play-based environment.

Student supervision is provided by our Level II and Level III therapists in each discipline, all of whom have specialized skill sets in a variety of areas. Clinical opportunities are available in Pediatric Inpatient at Children’s Hospital, located within Greenville Memorial Hospital, and in Pediatric Outpatient at our clinics in Greenville and Spartanburg.

We accept volunteers, interns, and graduate therapy students. All students/volunteers are supervised by qualified personal in their field of choice.


If you are interested in shadowing, need hours for graduate school applications, would like to have the opportunity to assess if a career in pediatric therapy is a good fit for you or if you are a civic-minded person, you must enroll through GHS Volunteer Services PRIOR to contacting us for placement.

Availability for volunteer placements at KIDNETICS will vary and be determined on a case by case basis. Commitment is for a minimum of 50 hours. Volunteers will have opportunities to observe treatment sessions and support clinical staff through various projects assigned.


Through the GHS Office of Student Services and Pre-professional Studies, KIDNETICS has aligned itself with local Universities to develop our internship program for individuals who are considering entering the Allied Health field.

Internships provide eligible university students with unpaid, practical, hands-on work experience in a professional health care setting. Internships provide career awareness, experience that helps secure future employment, and professional networking contacts. They also enhance classroom learning and help the student develop self-confidence as they identify their unique work skills, abilities, and talents.

Internships at KIDNETICS require contractual agreements between Greenville Health System and the academic institution. Your school will assist you with completing the required components to be accepted for this opportunity.

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Graduate Student Affiliations

KIDNETICS provides an enriched learning environment for graduate students enrolled in Occupational, Physical, and Speech-Language Therapy Programs. We require contractual agreements between Greenville Health System and the academic institution the student attends.

In occupational therapy, we provide clinical fieldwork placements for both Level I and Level II students. We prefer 12-week rotations for Level II placements.

Due to the clinical and professional demands of our environment, students must have completed their first Level II placement PRIOR to coming to KIDNETICS (recommended in a rehabilitation setting, not an acute care), and have a strong desire to work in pediatrics.

We complete an interview process to identify appropriate candidates; typically we are interviewing 1.5-2 years in advance.

In physical therapy, we provide clinical education placements for rotations at least 8 weeks in length. We ask that all classroom learning be completed BEFORE entering clinicals with KIDNETICS. Depending on the structure of each school’s curriculum, this is usually a third or fourth placement for the student.

Speech/language therapy also provides a challenging clinical experience, and it is highly recommended only for those students who have a strong interest to work in pediatrics.

Each student applying to our program will be screened via a phone call. Once accepted, the student will be placed according to their individual experiences, skill set, and areas of interest. Although the number of inpatient placements are limited, it offers a wide variety of more complex experiences including NICU shadowing, pediatric modified barium swallow studies, participation in the Laryngoscopic Clinic, and acute care floor coverage in the GHS Children’s Hospital.

In order to be considered for our Inpatient setting, it is highly recommended that students have a strong pediatric placement in an outpatient setting similar to our program prior to coming to KIDNETICS.

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To discuss creating new Graduate Student contracts, please contact:

Christen C. Hairston, PhD
Director Student Affairs and Pipeline Programs
(864) 455-4243