Facility Dog Program

Facility dogs are expertly trained dogs who partner with a handler to care for pediatric patients at Children’s Hospital of Greenville Health System (GHS). GHS Children’s Hospital currently has three facility dogs: Kalle, Kenzie, and Vivitar (Vivi). They are all members of The Canine F.E.T.C.H. (Friends Encouraging Therapeutic Coping and Healing) Unit, Children’s Hospital’s animal-assisted therapy program for patients and their families.

One of the most valued qualities of a facility dog is the unconditional love and attention that they give to everyone with whom they interact. In a health care environment, activities such as grooming, feeding, snuggling and playing fetch with a facility dog can aid patients in medical rehabilitation and psychiatric programs.

Our dogs and trained handlers work as a team to provide comfort, support, and distraction to children during procedures and hospitalization.

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Meet Kalle

Kalle is a labrador and golden retriever mix. She works on the inpatient units of Children’s Hospital and visits patients on our general pediatric floors, intensive care unit and hematology/oncology unit. She visits patients at bedside by putting her front paws up on their bed to get close enough to be petted under her chin (her favorite)! Patients can come visit her in the playroom or she can accompany them on a walk to help them feel like they are not doing it alone. She loves visiting kids and families and making their stay in children’s hospital better!

  • Breed: Golden retriever/Labrador retriever mix
  • Birthday: February 17, 2015
  • Favorite toy: Tie-dye blue and pink ball
  • Favorite TV show: Sheriff Callie
  • Favorite movie: The Little Mermaid
  • Favorite color: Sky blue
  • Favorite thing to do outside of work: Travel or have play dates with friends
  • Favorite thing about her job: Meeting new friends every day and making kids happy during their stay

Meet King

King is a flat-coat retriever and golden/labrador retriever mix that serves Pediatric Supportive Care. He loves to comfort children during times of serious illness. King has a lot of energy, but he loves snuggling with all of his new friends at Children’s Hospital.

  • Birthday: October 23, 2016
  • Favorite toy: Sammy the Squirrel
  • Favorite TV show: Anything/everything that his Puppy Papa (handler) watches
  • Favorite movie: None yet—he falls asleep too quickly during movies!
  • Favorite color: Red
  • Favorite thing to do outside of work: Go for runs with his Puppy Papa
  • Favorite thing about his job: Making children smile

Meet Vivitar (Vivi)

Vivitar (Vivi) is a golden doodle that services the Radiology Department and the Pediatric Sedation Service. She loves to help children prepare for different types of scans, such as MRIs, and even shows them how it’s done! Vivi’s main goal is to change the way children see the hospital, one snuggle at a time.

  • Breed: Goldendoodle
  • Birthday: August 19, 2014
  • Favorite toy: Oinking pig and anything with a loud squeak
  • Favorite TV show: The Lion Guard
  • Favorite movie: Finding Nemo
  • Favorite colors: Clemson orange and purple
  • Favorite thing to do outside of work: Play outdoors or shop for the latest fashion trends at Paws and Claws
  • Favorite thing about her job: Visiting friends all over the hospital and helping comfort patients during procedures

Meet Cookie

  • Breed- Yellow Lab
  • Birthday- June 18
  • Favorite toy- peanut butter filled Kong
  • Favorite TV show- Sesame Street (favorite character is Cookie Monster)
  • Favorite movies-Toy Story
  • Favorite color-Prisma pink
  • Favorite thing to do outside of work-hang out with friends and get belly rubs
  • Favorite thing about her job- Getting to work with kids in many different clinics, all over the Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center

How You Can Help

Our facility dog program wouldn’t be possible without community support. By donating to our Facility dog program, you help cover everything from treats to annual immunizations to baths and more.