Child Abuse Prevention

Every child deserves the right to be happy, healthy and raised in a safe, nurturing home free of abuse, trauma and neglect. Unfortunately, some families and communities lack adequate resources, training and education to promote a safe environment.

As a result, children are at an increased risk of experiencing ACEs, trauma and stress that can negatively impact their current as well as future health and development. Over time, this situation may lead to further abuse, neglect and poor health conditions affecting school performance and engagement, creating lifelong obstacles. We seek to bring community awareness to the multiple issues surrounding child abuse and coordinate multiple systems, agencies and professionals in the response.

GHS Children’s Hospital created the first Child Abuse Prevention Program within a healthcare system in South Carolina because its leaders recognized the need for improving child abuse prevention. The program’s mission is to prevent child abuse before it starts through awareness and education and, when it does occur, to have a coordinated response of trained professionals who can treat and support the child and family for best possible outcomes.

Through data collection and case reviews, we have developed targeted programs, trainings and partnerships that address key areas of child abuse and neglect. The Endangered Children Coalition was created to identify needs of children, families and the professionals who serve them and to develop a network of child abuse prevention programs, training and community collaboration.