Bradshaw Institute

Bradshaw Institute for Community Child Health & Advocacy

According to the World Health Organization, child health is a state of physical, mental, intellectual, social and emotional well-being—not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Healthy children live in families, environments and communities that provide them with the opportunity to reach their full developmental potential.

Through innovative education and prevention programs, clinical research, academic partnerships and best practices, the Bradshaw Institute for Community Child Health & Advocacy, part of Prisma Health Children’s Hospital, has a vision to create optimal health for the children and families we serve.

As we continue to make strides in accomplishing this vision, the Bradshaw Institute focuses on four main goals:

  • Increasing access to health care for children and families
  • Creating healthier and safer communities
  • Enhancing health literacy through high quality health promotion programming
  • Becoming a best practice leader in community child health and advocacy

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