Summer Camp & Activities Guide

In addition to camps geared specifically for children with disabilities or special needs, many overnight and day camps happily accommodate a wide range of different abilities. A number of camps in the Upstate are not designated for “special needs” but welcome children with special needs nonetheless. You know your child’s strengths and challenges best.

Things to Consider in Determining Appropriateness of a Day Camp or Overnight Camp Program

  • Can your child participate in group activities with (or without) assistance?
  • Can your child tolerate heat and/or humidity?
  • Does your child have sleeping problems (inability to go to sleep, frequent waking, sleepwalking)?
  • Can your child (and you!) adjust to the separation?
  • Is your child able to easily adjust to a change in their daily routine?
  • Can your child’s summer therapy be discontinued during the week of camp?
  • Does your child have other recreational opportunities?
  • Can the camp accommodate any special dietary restrictions for your child?
  • Is the camp staff experienced with children of varying abilities?

Here in South Carolina, churches and faith-based day and overnight camps are plentiful and often have experience working with children with special needs. Vacation Bible school is often open to children in the community as well, not just congregation families.

This guide cannot possibly include every camp in the Upstate region. There are many others! Some may be suitable for your child, so if you find one that sounds good don’t be afraid to ask if they can accommodate your child’s abilities and needs.

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