Speech-Language Therapy

KIDNETICS' speech language pathologists evaluate and treat children with a broad range of speech and communication disorders. Services are provided in a child-centered and child-initiated manner through individual and group intervention. Our therapists specialize in feeding disorders, oral motor dysfunction, dysphagia, apraxia, autism and other sensory based communication disorders, fluency disorders, voice disorders, social/pragmatics disorders, auditory and language processing disorders, augmentative communication, and articulation/phonological disorders including phonological processing disorders. Comprehensive evaluations are provided for each child in order to develop an individualized treatment plan. The therapists work closely with the parents to determine specific goals, the appropriate type of intervention and the primary focus of therapy. Specialty programs offered by Kidnetics speech pathologists include: Kidtalk and Motion, ABC University, Social/Pragmatics groups, Preschool language groups, and feeding teams. We work closely with the occupational and physical therapists to provide unique comprehensive services.

Meet our Outpatient Speech Therapists

Becky Bailey     Erica Busby     Sam Crossley     Elizabeth Donnan     Dawn Erazo    Leigh Frashier                Laura Hopper     Justine Koglin     Danielle McElveen     Krista Meeks     Mary Carolyn Moore                    Andrea Murdock     Anita Risdon     Alex Roper     Erica Stella     Lisa White     Sara Zielinski

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