School-based Health Centers

In September 2014, the first School-based Health Center in Greenville County Schools was started at Hughes Academy.  The mission of the School-based Health Center is to:

  • Provide high quality acute, non-emergent, medical and preventative care to students during the school day
  • Promote healthy development and decision making among students and their families
  • Care for and serve populations in Greenville County that experience challenges accessing healthcare
  • Educate the next generation of GHS resident/physicians on how to be child advocates

Two GHS pediatricians each spend one day a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) at Hughes Academy with students who come to see the school nurse with problems that would normally require that the student be sent home or to the doctor.  These physicians have been able to treat issues and screen students for illnesses and send them back to class, resulting in increased class time and decreased absenteeism.

Focused In-Service Trainings for School Personnel

School Health has also coordinated trainings for school personnel on current trending health issues, such as childhood obesity, mental health, and various other topics.  These trainings can be tailored to any health topic affecting your faculty and/or students.  If your school district is interested in having an in-service training, please contact Megan Shropshire, School Health Manager, at (864) 454-1031.

For more information on the School-Based Health Support program, please contact:
Megan Shropshire, School Health Manager
(864) 454-1031 |