School-based Health Promotion

"Medical Minute" Health Curriculum

In collaboration with GHS Pediatric Residents, the School Health division has created a series of “Medical Minute” presentations that are intended to enhance weekly health lessons taught by Physical Education (PE) Teachers in grades 6-8 at Hughes Academy.  Each “Medical Minute” is presented by a GHS Pediatrician and gives a medical perspective of health topics that are being taught by PE teachers in the health classroom.  Each “Medical Minute” presentation is a 15-20 minute mini-lesson designed to be embedded into the main lesson presented by the PE teacher making this a new, innovative partnership between teacher and physician. 

A 6th grade class may learn about the health implications of sugary drinks from their PE teacher and then learn about diabetes from a GHS physician.  A 7th grade lesson on “Screen Time and Its Consequences” taught by a PE teacher would be accompanied by a “Medical Minute” about health effects of regular exercise presented by a doctor. An 8th grade lesson focusing on drug abuse is enhanced with a “Medical Minute” about nicotine addiction and your health. 

Both students and physicians learn from each other through this unique partnership as health topics are presented to classes, and our GHS residents learn about school culture and adolescent health as part of an Adolescent Rotation.

Click here for Medical Minute videos aligned with South Carolina State Standard