Pre-Op Tour at Greenville Memorial Medical Campus

Children come to the hospital to have surgery for a variety of reasons.  Having surgery can be a very stressful and scary experience for children if they do not know what to expect.  A child life specialist can help your child learn about what she or he will see and experience when they come to the hospital.

The staff at the hospital would love to show you and your child the rooms and equipment that your child will see when he or she has surgery.  Children can learn about everything they will experience on the day of surgery, explained on their developmental level.  Family members can also attend a surgery tour to get their questions answered.

Often what children think is going to happen can be worse than what is actually going to happen.  Preparing children for things like surgery can help to clear up any fears or misconceptions and eliminate some anxiety.

Please contact the Child Life Program at

864-455-7846 or

for more information about scheduling a surgery preparation

and pre-op tour for your child.