Physical Therapy

KIDNETICS offers pediatric physical therapy for children with movement/ posture disorders and/or gross motor delays. The main focus of PT is to increase a child's independence of age appropriate movement through space (rolling, crawling, walking, running), taking into consideration quality and function. Each child is evaluated and a treatment plan is formulated based on that child's individual needs. Age appropriate play is used as the primary method of treatment delivery. Adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs, standers, walkers, and crutches are sometimes a part of that treatment plan. To secure that equipment, collaboration with a medical equipment vendor is necessary. The PT's work closely with certified orthotists when the children need braces or cranial molding bands. Progressively the challenge is increased until skills are mastered or a plateau in functional level has been achieved.

Meet our Outpatient Physical Therapists

Sarah Funderburg          Diana Gilbert        Victoria Helmus           Elizabeth Hitchcock        Kelly Keller           

Caitlyn Soltes            April Kleckler                 Stephanie Tindle            Piotr Zwolski

Mary Jones, Supervisor (864) 331-1355