Pediatric Infectious Disease


Appointments for Pediatric Infectious Disease are made by physician referral only.  Physicians may call 864-454-5130 to coordinate a referral.

Pediatric Infectious Disease specialists evaluate and treat children with several different infections. These infections include:
  • Recurrent Infections, such as pneumonia, sinus infections, and skin infections
  • Resistant Infections
  • Immunodeficiencies, in addition to HIV
  • Bone and Joint Disease
  • Heart Infections
  • GI infections
  • Urinary Tract infections
  • Fevers of unknown origin
Services offered at Children's Hospital Outpatient Center include:
  • HIV screenings and treatment
  • Home IV antibiotic management
  • Pre-travel preparations for disease prevention
  • Medical evaluations of adopted children born outside of the United States.

International Adoption:

The Pediatric Infectious Disease Division is available for pre-travel consultation, evaluation or medical records of international adoptee referrals, and post adoption medical evaluations.  We are able to screen patients for infectious diseases acquired in the adopted child's country of origin, evaluate and treat the child appropriately as well as review the immunization records and advise parents on the catch up immunization schedules.  It is advisable to see the adopted child within two weeks of coming into the United States.  

For International Adopted referrals, please call 864-454-5130 for an appointment.  Please also complete the international adoption referral form and bring this with you to your initial appointment along with a copy of their adoption medical records.  For more information on International Adoption, click here