Pediatric Associates - Greer

About Us

Pediatric Associates - Greer is honored to be your partner in ensuring the best health and development of your child. We are committed to providing comprehensive medical care for infants, children and adolescents from birth through age 18.

We offer convenient office hours 6 days a week with same-day sick appointments. Our priority is to be accessible to you.

As part of Greenville Health System's (GHS) Multi-Specialty Physician Group Practice, we are more closely aligned with the many specialty services of GHS Children's Hospital including the highest level of pediatric inpatient care in the Upstate. As part of the GHS family, our dedicated and highly trained staff looks forward to meeting your child's healthcare needs.

Free Prenatal Interview

Expecting parents are welcome to schedule a free prenatal interview with one of our providers. Met and greet interviews for parents interested in our practice are also available. 

Newborn Care

Our physicians attend newborns at Greer Memorial Hospital.

Specialty Care Affiliation

We have partnered with Children's Hospital, so that we are closely aligned with its many pediatric specialty services including the highest level of pediatric inpatient care in the Upstate.

Appointment Policy

Please call our office at (864) 879-3883 during regular business hours to schedule an appointment. We continue to welcome same-day sick visits, but you must call our office to make an appointment for all sick visits. We no longer accept walk ins. 

New Patients

We are currently accepting new patients. Please call our office for an appointment.

Becoming a New Patient

Insurance and Payment Policy

We accept most insurance plans, along with cash, checks and most credit cards. Patients are responsible for charges not covered by insurance. Please note that your co-pay or deductible is due at the time of service. If you do not have insurance, payment is expected at the time of service as well.



At Pediatric Associates - Greer, we offer personalized, comprehensive, high-quality care including the following:

  • Well-baby exams, routine physicals, sports physicals
  • Immunizations
  • Treatment for chronic issues such as ADD/ADHD, allergies, asthma, ear infections, obesity, reflux, and skin conditions
  • Diagnostic testing, including rapid strep, flu, monomucleosis ("mono"), RSV and bilirubin tests, urine testing, hearing and vision screening, screening for anemia, diabetes, ADD/ADHD and developmental issues, spirometry (lung function testing) for asthma patients, allergy testing via blood work, and tympanometry (inner ear testing)


For your convenience, we have made several forms available for download. This will have you better prepared for your visit, and reduce the amount of forms you will have to fill out during your visit. Just click on the links below to download a pdf copy of each form. If you don't have a pdf reader on your computer, please download a free reader here.

New Patient Packet
The new patient packet contains all the necessary information for becoming a new patient at Pediatric Associates-Greer. It includes insurance forms, demographics, guarantor information, disclosure of medical information, authorization for release of medical information, Pediatric Associates-Greer policies, GHS financial policy and the notice of privacy practices. For more information on becoming a new patient, click here.

For your convenience, the following forms are also available for download in a Spanish Version:

Newborn Baby Care Manual
New parents have a lot of questions concerning the care of their newborn, and this Newborn Baby Care Manual written by Dr. Edward Hausladen, Dr. Susan Shelley and Dr. Lynn Smith of Pediatric Associates-Greer addresses a lot of the most common topics. Well check-ups, feeding your newborn baby, routine care, common concerns and suggestions for further reading are all discussed. There are also sections in the manual to list "baby's firsts" and important telephone numbers. For any questions concerning your child, please feel free to call our office and speak with a nurse.

Teen Care Manual
Dr. Edward Hausladen, Dr. Susan Shelley and Dr. Lynn Smith of Pediatric Associates-Greer have written a Teen Care Manual to help address some common concerns relating to teenagers. Acne, healthy eating, exercise and sleep are all discussed. For any questions concerning your child, please feel free to call our office and speak with a nurse.

Well Child Check & Vaccination Fees
For your convenience, we have prepared a form for your use in verifying with your insurance provider, if well child examinations and vaccinations are covered or not. Simply print out the applicable form, and refer to the box for the age of your child's visit with us. The total fee for your child's age specific visit can be found along with the specific procedure codes we will bill your insurance provider. On the second form is the listing of what each procedure code is and the hospital fee for it. As you verify with your insurance provider, simply indicate which procedures are covered and which are not, and bring in the form to us. We can then help you with the decision to bill entirely or partially to insurance, pay privately with our discounted fees, or use the South Carolina's Vaccination for Children's Program. Please do use the correct form.

If your child is currently an established patient with Pediatric Associates - Greer, then you will want to use this form: (Established Patient Well Child Check & Vaccination Fees)

If your child is a new patient with Pediatric Associates - Greer, then you will want to use this form: (New Patient Well Child Check & Vaccination Fees)

Authorization for Release of Medical Information
If you need to have your child's medical records transferred from or to our office, you will need to fill out an authorization for release of medical information. This form is included in the new patient packet or can be downloaded here (English Version & Spanish Version).

Immunization Schedules
The immunization schedules listed below provide a detailed breakdown of the recommended vaccines that your child should receive according to their age.

Immunization Schedule for (Birth-6 Years)
English Version & Spanish Version

Immunization Schedule for (7-18 Years)
English Version & Spanish Version

ADHD Vanderbilt Assessment Scale - PARENT & TEACHER Informant
The below links are resource toolkits for clinicians published by the Academy of American Pediatrics. They provide a number of rating scales and tools for parents that may aid the diagnostic process. The toolkit also provides support information for parents on how to deal with their child at home, help their child's treatment and monitor their child's development and long-term outcome.

ADHD - Vanderbilt Assessment Scale - PARENT Informant - These tools tie in with a resource kit that physicians can supply to teachers to monitor classroom behavior, gain a better insight in the disorder and help their pupil's treatment.

ADHD - Vanderbilt Assessment Scale - TEACHER Informant - These tools tie in with a resource kit that physicians can supply to parents.


  • Where are you located?

  • 318 Memorial Drive
    Greer, SC 29650
    (Click here for more detailed directions)

  • What are your hours?

  • Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm (Extended hours weekdays, as needed for sick children)
    Saturday: 8:30am - 11:30am
    Sunday: Closed

  • How can I contact you?

  • Phone: (864) 879-3883
    Fax: (864) 848-3492

  • When do you take calls?

  • Pediatric Associates - Greer receives calls Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm & Saturday 8:30am - 11:30am. If your child becomes injured or sick after regular office hours, phone our practice to speak with our triage nurse or our physician. We offer this complimentary service to assure you around-the-clock care for your child.

  • When can I book an appointment?

  • Please call our office during regular business hours to schedule an appointment at (864) 879-3883. We continue to welcome same day sick visits, but you must call our office to make an appointment for all sick visits. We can no longer accept walk-ins.

  • When can I book a Saturday appointment?

  • Pediatric Associates - Greer is open Saturday 8:30am - 11:30am for urgent care sick visits. These appointments are only scheduled the day of starting at 8:30am Saturday morning. We do not accept walk-in patients. An appointment is required. Only one doctor is working on Saturday. We do not book well child checks (physicals) on Saturday.

  • Is there a copay with my visit?

  • All copays are required at the time of visit. Some insurance companies do not require a copay and some cover well child checks (physicals). If you are unsure of your insurance company's policy, be sure to contact them before your office visit.

  • Can you help me with a bill?

  • Pediatric Associates - Greer is here to assist you. If you have questions about your bill, please give us a call. We can check your bill status, take payments by phone and set up payment plans. If there is an issue with a past bill needing to be refiled, we can also help you with that. For further information, you may also contact the hospital's main billing department at (864) 454-2000 or 1-888-284-6024.

  • Can my child get an excuse for school?

  • School excuses can be written for days deemed necessary by your doctor. We are not allowed to make school excuses, if your child has not been seen in our office for their illness, injury, etc. Due to HIPAA laws, we are not allowed to fax school excuses.

  • How do I become a new patient?

  • For complete details on how to become a new patient of Pediatric Associates - Greer, please click here.

  • Are you taking new Medicaid patients?

  • Yes, Pediatric Associates-Greer is accepting new Medicaid patients.

  • Do you file secondary Medicaid?

  • Yes, Pediatric Associates - Greer accepts Medicaid as a secondary insurance.

  • What type of Medicaid will you accept?

  • We accept Molina, Absolute Total Care, Wellcare, The Blues, Advicare and SC Medicaid Program.

  • Which hospitals do your doctors visit for new babies?

  • Greer Memorial Hospital of Greenville Health System

  • Do you offer prenatal consults?

  • Yes, Pediatric Associates - Greer offers free prenatal interviews. For complete details, click here.

  • Can you help answer my questions about caring for my newborn?

  • Our nursing staff are available each day to return your calls, if you have questions concerning your newborn. Please feel free to contact our office. We also have a Newborn Baby Care Manual that was written by Dr. Edward Hausladen, Dr. Susan Shelley and Dr. Lynn Smith of Pediatric Associates-Greer that you can download here that features many common topics. Well check-ups, feeding your newborn baby, routine care, common concerns and suggestions for further reading are all discussed. There are also sections in the manual to list "baby's firsts" and important telephone numbers.

  • When should I book my child's well child check (physical)?

  • It is best to book your child's well child checks (physicals) two to three months in advance. Please confirm your vaccines and well child check coverage prior to your appointment. For further details, click here and refer to the Well Child Check and Vaccination Fees section under the "Forms" tab.

  • How far out are the doctor's schedules available?

  • Doctor's schedules are usually posted 6 months in advance.

  • How can I get a copy of my child's immunization records?

  • To get a copy of your child's immunization records, you would need to call in a request. Under normal circumstances, immunization records will be ready within 24-48 hours in the front office. We are not allowed to fax records due to HIPAA laws. You may also request an updated immunization record at your child's well child check.

  • When are flu clinics available?

  • Special Saturday flu clinics are set up during the flu season. You may schedule to have your child get their regular flu vaccination during this time.

  • How would I know if Pediatric Associates - Greer is closed during inclement weather?

  • In case of inclement weather, please watch WYFF-4, WHNS21 and WSPA7 for closings. Pediatric Associates - Greer will be listed under the "medical" section as: GHS Pediatric Associates - Greer. We will do our best to have it posted as soon as possible. We will also attempt to call you to reschedule, as soon as we can.

  • How can I get my records transferred to Pediatric Associates - Greer or to another practice?

  • There are a couple of options for getting your records transferred. You may sign a request for medical release form in our office, or you may sign one at the office you are coming from or transferring to. You may download a copy of our request for medical release here (English Version | Spanish Version).

  • How long does it take to transfer records?

  • Under normal circumstances, your records will be ready for transfer from Pediatric Associates - Greer within a week . To find out how long it will take another practice to transfer their records to us, you would need to contact their office.

  • May I have a copy of my child's record for my own use?

  • Yes, but there are fees for this service. According to South Carolina law, Section 44-7-325 for Health Care Facilities and in your signed financial agreement with us, we may bill the following:

    - $.65 per page for the first 30 pages
    - $.50 per page for all other pages
    - Clerical fee not to exceed $15.00
    - Plus actual postage

    We will send your child's health records at no cost, if we directly transfer to another doctor's office. If you prefer to have your own copy, then we will bill minimally the $15.00 clerical fee.

  • Is there free Wi-Fi available for those of us visiting your office?

  • Yes, the hospital has Wi-Fi, as part of our guest services. Feel free to bring your devices to use, while you wait.

Doctor's Corner

Upstate doctor suggests students get whooping cough booster

Please click here to view the FOX Carolina News segment "Upstate doctor suggests students get whooping cough booster" featuring Dr. Susan Shelley of Pediatric Associates-Greer.

Upstate sees a rise in bug bites and stings

FOX Carolina News finds out what's behind a rise in bug bites and stings. Please click here to view the segment featuring Dr. Susan Shelley of Pediatric Associates-Greer.

Safe Kids

Safe Kids Upstate is one of more than 450 coalitions affiliated with Safe Kids Worldwide, an organization whose mission is to prevent accidental childhood injury, a leading killer of children 14 and under. There are 15 Safe Kids coalitions in South Carolina.

Safe Kids Upstate Coalition, led by Greenville Health System Children's Hospital Children's Advocacy, consists of more than 70 community partners, who join together to fight unintentional injuries. To learn more about Safe Kids, click here.

New Impact: A Healthy Lifestyles Program

New Impact is an exciting program developed at the GHS Children's Hospital, in response to the nationwide problem of pediatric obesity. If your child is struggling with his or her weight, let us help. New Impact is a comprehensive weight management program for children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 21. We use the most current treatment techniques to offer pediatric patients effective ways to manage weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle. To learn more about the New Impact: A Healthier Lifestyles Program, click here.

Live Well Greenville

Live Well Greenville is a partnership of dozens of public and private organizations that aims to make Greenville County a healthier place to live, work and play. Formed three years ago by the Piedmont Health Care Foundation, the coalition has engaged more than100 key partners in crafting plans to create policies, systems and environments in our community to make living well easier. Safe places to walk and bike, healthier foods in schools and workplaces, nutritious snacks in child care centers, better access to parks - these and other positive initiatives will be shepherded by the partners of Live Well Greenville. To learn more about Live Well Greenville, click here.

Let's Go!

Let's Go! is a nationally recognized childhood obesity prevention program. Their goal is to increase physical activity and healthy eating for children from birth to 18 through policy and environmental change. Let's Go! works in six sectors to reach families where they live, study, work and play to reinforce the importance of healthy eating and physical activity. The 5210 message (5 or more fruits and vegetables, 2 hours or less of recreational screen time, 1 hour or more of physical activity and 0 sugary drinks, more water and low fat milk a day) is used consistently across all sectors. To learn more about Let's Go!, click here.

Photos & Videos

Freedom Blast 2010
(July 2010)

Dr. Lynn Smith and her family enjoying Freedom Blast 2010 with Buddy the Bear

Buddy the Bear making some new friends at Freedom Blast 2010

Everyone smile and say, "We love Freedom Blast 2010 & Buddy the Bear!"

A big hello from Buddy the Bear

Freedom Blast Walk & Run
Greer Memorial Hospital Campus
(July 2011)

Mayor Rick Danner giving a prep talk to the participants of Freedom Blast 2011

On your mark, get set, GO!

Millie & Kaylee Bridwell enjoying Freedom Blast 2011

Greer Children's Theater
(November 2011)

Dr. Shelley at the Greer Children's Theater distributing door prizes.

Southern Kids Expo
(April 2011)

Baby Crawl Race Winner, Grayson Flax-Owens with Buddy the Bear

Grayson on his way to victory!

Tammy Tucker of Pediatric Associates-Greer and Dora the Explorer

Greer Christmas Parade
(December 2011)

Dr. Hausladen, Dr. Shelley & Pediatric Associates Staff participating in the 2011 Greer Christmas Parade