Our Providers

As medical staff in the Bryan Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of GHS Children's Hospital, our No. 1 job is to get your baby home safely and to make sure that you, as parents, remain well informed and involved in your child's care plan. Listed below are the physicians (neonatologists) and nurse practitioners who are your main contact points in the NICU. We work together as a team to provide the best care possible.  

Michael Stewart, MD (Medical Director)

India Chandler, MD

Benton Cofer, MD

Nicole Cothran, MD

Matthew Halliday, MD

Catrinel Marinescu, MD

Bryan Ohning, MD

Jeff Ruggieri, MD

M. Whit Walker, MD

A neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP) is an advanced practice nurse with either a masters or doctoral degree that is specially trained to care for your newborn. An NNP will examine your baby and work closely with the neonatologist to manage the care of your child while they are in the NICU.

Dawn Allen, NNP

Jamie Bott, NNP

Allison Carman, NNP

Susan Collins, NNP

Karen Covington, NNP

Melissa Dunham, NNP

Daisy Elmquist, NNP

Ginger Hall, NNP

Tyner Lollis, DNP

Ara Messamer, NNP

Deborah Robinette, NNP

Treasure Snyder, NNP

Kyle Weir, NNP

Charlene Wells, NNP

Catherine Wilson, DNP