Occupational Therapy

KIDNETICS offers pediatric occupational therapy where the therapist works to maximize a child’s ability to perform developmentally or age appropriate activities of daily living, which include self-care, play and school skills.  More specifically, the OT is concerned with functioning in the following areas: dressing, feeding, fine motor manipulation, tool use, i.e. pencil or scissors, and visual-motor/perception, i.e. puzzles and design copying.  Therapy focuses on underlying deficit areas like trunk stability, upper body or hand strength, body awareness, motor planning, visual attention and discrimination, and coordination.  Goal-directed activities are presented with the OT’s role being to first engage the child, then to assess their response and grade or adapt necessary components for success.  Sometimes changes in strategies to approach the task are made, other times modifications to the environment are required, and splinting or special equipment may be considered.  Progressively the challenge is increased until skills are mastered or a plateau in functional level has been achieved.

Meet our outpatient occupational therapists

Charlee Black                       Mary Depew       

Mandy Carpenter                 Elizabeth Champ

Kristen Collins                      Heather Kunst

Holly Paine                           Sharon Perloff    

Tara Sweeney


Sarah Thompson                      Christina Tucci

Leni Ulrich                                 Sarah Vanderlaan                     

Ginnette Malay-Romkey, Supervisor (864) 331-1361