Hills' Story

Jeremy and Stephanie Hill get to see little miracles in their infant daughter’s development every day. Little Felicity is 9 pounds and 19 inches long, wears newborn sized baby clothes, and is starting to eat baby food. She’s now 8 months old.

Baby Felicity was born Sept. 29, 2008, at 27 weeks. She weighed 1 lb, 1 ounce and was the size of a can of soda. Her parents had trouble conceiving and a difficult pregnancy from the start. Stephanie was sick almost immediately, and was bedridden much of the time until Felicity’s birth.   

Jeremy was a reserve Marine, and they were headed to his base for regular training in Tennessee on Sept. 14. Stephanie had a terrible headache, and they stopped at a Walmart pharmacy to check her blood pressure, which was 187 over 122. They rushed to the nearest hospital. Stephanie was concerned for her unborn child’s health.  She stayed for a week, but doctors there had her transferred via ambulance to Children's Hospital at Greenville Health System (GHS) because her and her baby’s needs could be better met there if she delivered. Children’s Hospital at GHS is host to the area’s only Level III (highest level) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  

On Sept. 29, Stephanie was having difficulties and hospital staff was concerned for both her and the baby. She was rushed to emergency surgery to deliver Felicity by C-section.

Newborn Felicity spent the first three weeks of her life in the Bryan NICU, and Jeremy stayed there to be with her and Stephanie. At first Felicity was in real danger of losing her life, but with time and excellent care she stabilized.

It was during this time that Jeremy was interviewed for the Children’s Hospital Radiothon. He shared the family’s story on the airwaves in a campaign that raised more than $230,000 for the very Children’s Hospital that saved his daughter’s life. The next day Felicity was released and the entire family was able to return home with a breathing machine for Felicity’s developing lungs.    

Nine months later, Felicity is an energetic and lively baby. She breathes completely on her own and is experimenting with crawling. She is expected to live a very normal and healthy life. In addition, we’ve received news that Felicity is also going to be a big sister! Jeremy and Stephanie are expecting a baby boy due Sept. 29, Felicity’s birthday.  

Felicity and countless other newborns are able to receive the best care in the area’s only level III NICU because of the kindness and generosity of the community. William “B.K.” Bryan was among the most generous in giving his time, talent, and treasure to Children’s Hospital, and our NICU bears his name to honor his commitment to the best health care for our children.   

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