Children's Hospital-Greer

Did you know your child can access GHS Children's Hospital services while staying in Greer?  

That's right! Children's Hospital - Greer, an extension of Children's Hospital of Greenville Health System, offers pediatric inpatient and outpatient services for medical conditions requiring a short stay. With inpatient pediatric services available here, children of the community may stay close to home when routine illnesses require hospitalization.

Services Include

  • Care provided by staff who have received pediatric training
  • Hospitalists service (hospitalists are in-house doctors; at Greer Memorial they are board certified in pediatrics as well as internal medicine and are available around the clock)
  • Child-friendly practices (such as performing all procedures in an exam room so that the patient's room remains a "safe" place where blood isn't drawn or bandages changed)
  • Inpatient pediatric care for newborns in our Labor and Delivery Unit, and general pediatric care in our six bed Inpatient Pediatric Unit
  • Nursery services provided by Hospitalists as well as physicians at Pediatric Associates Greer, The Children's Clinic of Greer and Greer Family Practice.

The Emergency Department at Greer Memorial Hospital provides urgent and emergent care for the children of Greer as an extension of the Children's Emergency Center of GHS Children's Hospital.  There are also several private pediatric practices in Greer that are affiliated with GHS Children's Hospital.  These physicians are actively involved in newborn care and have partnered with our inpatient pediatric unit when needed for older children in their practices.

Greer Memorial Emergency Department

The Greer Memorial Hospital Emergency Department serves adults and children in Greer. While we are not an exclusively pediatric emergency room, our ED is staffed by emergency physicians who have training to evaluate both children and adults. Smaller imageWe serve as an extension of the Children's Emergency Center at GHS Children's Hospital, and to that end our Med/Peds hospitalists are available to the Emergency Medicine physicians in consultation twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We want your child to receive the best care possible. Many children can be treated and released to home. If not, then we offer inpatient care in your own backyard! If a child needs to be admitted downtown to access services unavailable at Greer, we will also facilitate any necessary transfer.

In addition to physicians, the Emergency Department is staffed by a fine contingent of nurses and techs, all of whom rotate downtown to the Children's Emergency Center to maintain a high standard of pediatric knowledge and skill.

Med/Peds Physicians

Matthew Hindman, M.D.

James Suhrer, M.D.

Jeffrey Gerac, M.D.

Teresa Finke, M.D.

Evan Williams, M.D.