Helmet use can save your life, and thatís a fact. Over the past decade Greenville County has shown a significant increase in the use of bicycles and other forms of active transportation. Greenville community launched This is How I Roll,  A Helmet Project, in 2016 to bring awareness to the importance of how dynamically helmet use can change a  fall from being a scrape and a band-aid to a mind-altering (literally), traumatic occurrence.

  • Bike helmets reduce head injuries by 85 percent and brain injury by 88 percent. (Safe Kids Worldwide)

  • In the past 6 years, bicycle head and face traumas have increased by 47% in Greenville County. (Greenville Health System)

  • Since 2009, Greenville Memorial Hospital treated 315 severely injured bicycle traumas.
  • Each month, three out of four children in the U.S. ride a bicycle.
  • Approximately 55 percent of children donít always wear a helmet while bicycling. 
  • A child who rides with companions wearing helmets or adults in general is more likely to wear a helmet himself. 
  • Helmet use is the single more effective way to reduce bicycle-related fatalities.
  • The risk of head injury is decreased by 50% when helmets are properly fitted.

These facts were gathered from Safe Kids Worldwide and Greenville Health System.

Learn how you can be a part of the solution by participating in the This is How I Roll helmet project.