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Six months into her first pregnancy, Upstate photographer Tiffiney Addis unexpectedly went into labor. She was rushed to the hospital and given medication to stop her contractions and delay labor. Within days, however, there were signs of infection in her amniotic fluid. The baby would have to be delivered immediately by C-section. On July 4, 2009, Sadie Addis came into the world at 1 lb. 7 oz. and just 12 inches long.

The tiny preemie remained in Children’s Hospital’s Bryan Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) until the end of September, two weeks before her due date. The Addis family temporarily relocated from Westminster, S.C., to Greenville to be close to Sadie, and spent the next few months caring, hoping and praying for their daughter.

Sadie is now a happy, healthy and normal 2-year-old who loves to climb and play. In gratitude for that blessing, her mom felt called to start Rescued by Love, a photography contest through to raise funds for the Bryan NICU.

“I’m so grateful for the care Sadie received at the NICU and for all the healing hands, both human and divine, that took care of her,” said Addis. “Rescued by Love is my thank-you for what the Lord has done for our hearts – and for our little girl!”

The two-week contest featured photo shoots at the Tiffiney Photography studio and paid voting on the company’s website. A $1 gift to the NICU counted for one vote. Participants were invited to tell friends and family members about the contest to help raise money and solicit votes. By its close, the 2011 Rescued By Love contest raised more than $8,000 to benefit the NICU.

The contest was so successful that Addis sponsored it again in March 2012, with a brand new goal: $10,000 for the NICU. Donations poured in from all over the country to help reach a record-breaking total of over $15,000!

Along with a successful fundraising campaign, Tiffiney Photography helped the NICU with a special project: expanding the existing Wall of Hope, a longtime fixture featuring portraits and stories of past NICU patients who grew up to lead active lives. Many NICU families, including the Addis family, have shared how important, how encouraging and how strengthening this Wall of Hope was and is throughout their healthcare journeys.

“When Sadie was in the NICU, I’d walk by the Wall of Hope, see those pictures and think, ‘Okay, if they can make it, maybe we can make it. Maybe we’ll be okay.’”

You can learn more about Rescued by Love and the NICU Wall of Hope project on

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