Well Child Visit & Vaccine Fees

• WCC & Vaccination Fees (Established Patient): (Download Here)
• WCC & Vaccination Fees (New Patient): (Download Here)  

Well Child Check & Vaccination Fees

For your convenience, we have prepared a form for your use in verifying with your insurance provider if well child examinations and vaccinations are covered or not. Simply print out the form and refer to the box for the age of your child’s visit with us. The total fee for your child’s age specific visit can be found along with the specific procedure codes we will bill your insurance provider. On the back of the form is the listing of what each procedure code is and the office fee for it. Please confirm your vaccines and well child check coverage with your insurance prior to your appointment. If you are not completely covered by your insurance, or if you have a deductible of $2,000 or greater, you may qualify for STATE Vaccines. In order for your child to receive STATE Vaccines, documentation will have to be provided at the visit. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office. Please do use the correct form when contacting your insurance company. If your child is currently an established patient with Christie Pediatric Group, then you will want to use this form. If this will be your child’s first visit, then please use the new patient form.

Private Vaccines
    Private Vaccines are the vaccines covered through insurance. These vaccines are purchased by the office and not provided by the state like STATE/VFC Vaccines. All vaccines are manufactured by the same companies and do not differ in quality. Any child that is not eligible for STATE Vaccines, would receive Private Vaccines. Please see the eligibility requirements for STATE Vaccines here for details. If you incorrectly state that your insurance covers your vaccines (and they do not), you would be responsible for the full price of the vaccines. Please confirm your vaccines and well child check coverage prior to your visit.