Choosy Kids

Choose Healthy Options Often & Start Young®

Who Is Choosy?

  • As an ambassador for healthy children, Choosy wants to help prevent childhood obesity.
  • Choosy is a role model who encourages healthy decision-making from all of us.
  • Choosy assists parents, teachers, and health professionals by supplying consistent health messages.
  • Choosy recognizes that preferences for food, physical activity, and health habits are “learned” from others early in life.
  • Choosy helps grown ups to facilitate movement and nutrition experiences of young children so that healthy preferences are reinforced early and often.
  • Choosy helps to promote healthy messages and behaviors in homes, child care centers, agencies, physician and dentist offices, and schools with lively songs, activities, and helpful materials.
  • Choosy’s name is tied to his behavior, and his message is simple: Be Choosy Be Healthy® Childhood obesity prevention MUST begin in early childhood and include the entire family!

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Partner With Choosy To Promote The Early Development Of Healthy Preferences and Prevent Childhood Obesity!

PARTNER With Choosy, A Popular And Influential Health Messenger.

Choosy is a children’s character recognized nation wide by professionals in early childhood education, child care, and public health. He is an ambassador for children’s health nation wide.

PROMOTE Daily Physical Activity And Healthy Nutrition Choices. Choosy’s health messages are found embedded in music the whole family will enjoy, on wall posters, in DVD’s and active video games, in desk top games and materials, on stickers and tattoos, and “home use” calendars and compliance logs.

PREFERENCES for food and physical activity are “learned” from others early in life. Choosy helps to develop healthy preferences when preferences are first being formed. By embracing a consistent, healthy role model that children admire, physicians and parents can team with Choosy to establish preferences for healthier nutrition choices and increased physical activity.

PREVENTION Is The Last Frontier In Public Health for Addressing Childhood Obesity. It is more productive and far more economical to invest in creating healthy habits in early childhood funding the cost of breaking bad health habits in middle school or middle age. Choosy Rx is designed to benefit young children and the adults who make decisions on their behalf.