Children's Hospital School Program

School is an important part of every child’s life.  Participating in the familiar and “normal” activities of school can help children continue to achieve academic goals, interact with peers and cope by reducing the stress of hospitalization.  In addition to helping children maintain academic skills, School Program staff helps to make the transition from hospital back to school as smooth as possible. The Hospital School is staffed by a certified teacher.

Who is eligible to participate?

The School Program is available to children in kindergarten through 12th grade and to children whose chronic illnesses require frequent hospital admissions.

What services are provided?

The School Program offers direct instruction, exam proctoring, course-specific tutoring and assists with transitioning a child back into school. Parents can help by bringing books and assignments to the hospital, encouraging their child to participate in the School Program, and by discussing any academic needs or accommodations that his or her child has with the hospital school teacher.

With parent permission, the hospital teacher will contact the child's home school to coordinate assignments while the child is hospitalized. Assignments can be faxed to (864) 455-6765 or emailed directly to the Hospital School Teacher. In addition, parents can bring books and assignments for planned admissions.

Classrooms are equipped with technology and engaging school-related resources, such as iPads, computers, books, Promethean Board, and educational standards-driven games.

Children are instructed individually, in small groups in Children's Hospital classroom or at the bedside as needed. Help coordinating homebound teaching services will be provided for students unable to return to school after leaving the hospital.

After discharge, documentation of completed assignments is sent to the home school.

Our full-time Hospital School Teacher works with patients Monday-Friday.

For School Program inquiries or questions please contact:
Greenville Health System’s Children’s Hospital School Program
Anna Hardin, Hospital School Program teacher
(864) 455-6761 | (864) 455-6765 – fax |