Childhood Obesity Prevention

Choosy Health

The goal of the Choosy (Choose Health Options Often & Start Young®) Project is the improvement of children’s physical activity and nutrition behaviors during the preschool years, when children’s preferences and habits are first being formed.  The Choosy project focuses on delivering consistent health messages via the significant spheres of influence surrounding the preschool child, namely the child’s parents, the child care center, and the child’s pediatrician.

Choosy is a friendly children’s character and ambassador for healthy choices. 

  • As an ambassador for healthy children, Choosy wants to help prevent childhood obesity.
  • Choosy is a role model who encourages healthy decision-making from all of us.
  • Choosy assists parents, teachers, doctors, and dentist by supplying consistent health messages.
  • Choosy recognizes that preferences for food, physical activity, and health habits are “learned” from others early in life.
  • Choosy helps grown ups to facilitate movement and nutrition experiences of young children so that healthy preferences are reinforced early and often.
  • Choosy helps to promote healthy messages and behaviors in homes, child care centers, agencies, physician and dentist offices, and schools with lively songs, activities, and helpful materials.
  • Choosy’s name is tied to his behavior, and his message is simple: Be Choosy Be Healthy®

For more information on the Childhood Obesity Prevention program, please contact:
Kerry McKenzie, Special Project Coordinator, Obesity Prevention
(864) 454-1104 |