Child Life Internship

Please note that we will be offering internships in the spring and fall semesters. During summer semesters we will be offering a child life practicum experience.

 Internship Program

The Child Life Program Internship program consists of 15 weeks and 600 hours of clinical experience under the supervision of a Certified Child Life Specialist. Our interns are supervised by child life specialists who have at least 4000 hours of paid experience as a CCLS. These specialists are precepted by the Internship coordinator who has previously served as a child life preceptor and additionally has over 8000 hours of paid experience as a CCLS. The internship coordinator works with the Child Life supervisor in order to maintain continuity throughout the program. Our internship is an intensive experience as we require weekly readings and assignments as well as clinical time with patients and families.

We are using the Common Application that has been provided by the Association of Child Life Professionals..  We are also now requiring the Eligibility Assessment as the Coursework Review has been discontinued. Please note that the eligibility assessment should be complete with the exception of the clinical experience. Please note we do not accept the coursework in progress or practicum in progress forms. We realize this can be a challenge but it is important for us to know that all the requirements are complete before offering an internship to a candidate.We also require a completed child life practicum experience.

During the internship program, our interns complete at least 2 rotations: one inpatient and one outpatient. Occasionally, our students a mini rotation in an area of interest due to interests of the internship candidate. 

Our program requires a $20.00 application fee to be attached to the application. This should be a check made out to the GHS Child Life.This fee is non refundable if your application is not complete or you are not chosen for an interview.

Common Child Life Application common_child_life_internship_application.pdf

Verification form for hours with well children or children in the healthcare setting. internship_application_verification_of_hours_form2.docx

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Internship FAQ 

Greenville Health System's Children's Hospital Child Life program addresses the emotional, social, educational and recreational needs of hospitalized children and adolescents. As recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Child Life programs utilize developmentally appropriate activities to minimize stress and anxiety and to foster positive feelings about health care.

The profession's tools of the trade include everything from lip balm-scented face masks and bubbles to explanations about an upcoming procedure that a child can understand. During “medical play,” a Child Life specialist might help a child give an IV to a puppet in order to show how the straw-like tube delivers medicine to the body. In an operating room, they might show a patient how changing his breathing can make the numbers and lines on the monitor beside him fluctuate.

"Child Life and Family Studies" is its own college discipline, and all specialists have either a bachelor's or a master's degree in the subject or related subject such as psychology, sociology or therapeutic recreation. Specialists must also take additional classes including medical terminology and anatomy and physiology, as well as complete a practicum and a clinical internship. They must also pass the certification exam, given by the Association of Child Life Professionals, as well as be re-certified every five years.

Our internship also exposes our interns to programs that serve children and families both within the hospital system as well as in the Greenville community. These sight visits allow our interns to observe children and families in a vareity of settings.