Child Life Internship FAQ

We will be offering internships in Spring and Fall of 2017 and Practicum in Summer of 2017. We are also offering an internship in the spring of 2018. 2018 schedule will follow the 2017 schedule. 


What are the deadlines for internship applications?

We follow the deadlines set by the Child Life Council.  Click here for an application to our internship program.  Click here for additional application information.

Internship Application Deadline, Offer, Acceptance, and 2nd Offer Dates

Internship Session

Application Deadlines

Initial Offer Dates

Acceptance Dates

2nd Offer Date


September 5

2nd Tuesday
of October

Following Wednesday

Following Thursday


January 5

2nd Tuesday
of February

Following Wednesday

Following Thursday


March 15

1st Tuesday
of May

Following Wednesday

Following Thursday


Are there any requirements before applying?

Yes.  We require that all applicants have completed a Child Life Practicum before applying for internship. We also require that applicants have 150 hours of demonstrated work with children in a medical setting (i.e. volunteer, practicum experience, child life assistant) and 150 hours work with children in a non-hospital setting.We also require that candidates have completed the course that has been taught by a Certified Child Life Specialist. Please note that we want all of these hours to be complete and verified when applying for the internship. The hours may be verified by using the form we have provided, a letter from the employer, or time sheet. Please note that by documenting it on only the application does not serve as verification.

What is the interview process?

We will do a first round of phone interviews after we complete the review of applications. Candidates will be selected and notified about scheduling the phone interview. From these applicants we will determine who will be invited to the final round of interviews. Candidates will be expected to travel to our site for an in-person interview if they live within 300 miles of our hospital. If they live beyond 300 miles, a phone/skype interview will be scheduled. 

How long is the internship?

Child Life students are required to complete a minimum of fifteen (15) weeks of forty (40) hours per week for a total of 600 hours.  However, if you or your school desire/require a longer internship period, arrangements can be made to accommodate you.

What does the internship include?

Under the supervision of a Certified Child Life Specialist, the student is given basic responsibility for patients and families in a therapeutic setting.  The goal of the internship is to provide the student with supervised, guided experience with children and families while learning about the provision of professional child life services.  The basic components of the internship are organized around the Child Life Competencies.