Community Resources

Below is a list of the most commonly accessed resources in our community:

Department of Disabilities and Special Needs:               

  • Children Ages 0-3 years old: Contact BabyNet at 1-800-868-0404 to begin screening process to determine eligibility
  • Children Ages 3 and older: Contact 1-800-289-7012 to begin screening process to determine eligibility

TEFRA Medicaid:

  • Supplemental insurance available to some children diagnosed with autism, regardless of financial situation of the family
  • Contact our Clinical Services Coordinators for an application or to ask about applying for this insurance

South Carolina Autism Society:

  • Parent to School Partnership program, resource connection, and support
  • Website:
  • Upstate SC chapter: 864-241-8669

Family Connection:

  • Support groups, educational programs, and resource guidance
  • Upstate office located at Center for Developmental Services in downtown Greenville: 864-331-1340

Child Find

  • Screening and Evaluation for school-age children to determine eligibility for additional resources, therapies, and individualized education plans in the public schools
  • Greenville Child Find office: 864-331-1302 (Clinical Service Coordinators have access to other county contact information)

PDD Waiver List for ABA Therapy

  • Medicaid Waiver waiting list to provide Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy for eligible children.
  • Discuss this opportunity with your early interventionist or service coordinator
  • Call 1-888-576-4658 to initiate intake process

Helpful Websites

  • Spending time researching online resources can be very helpful and informative. However, be careful to read from trusted and reputable sites; beware of websites that claim to “cure” or “heal” your child. Add useful websites to your 'favorites' in your search engine, register for e-newsletters and/or join a list-serv where parents and professionals share information. Below are several reputable websites that you may want to explore:


If at any time you should have additional questions regarding these or other resources, please contact the Autism Program’s Clinical Service Coordinators at 864-454-5644.